Supported aircraft types

We support all configurations.

Examples of supported aircraft types

  • Cargo aircraft
    B747-8F, B747-400F, B777-200F, B767-300F, B757F, B737F, A330F, AN124, IL76
  • Wide-body aircraft
    B747 series, B777 series, B787 series, B767 series, A340, A330 series, A350 series
  • Narrow-body aircraft
    B737 series, A320 series, A321 series

Cargo handling

We handle all kinds of cargo carefully to meet our customers' requests

Examples of our services

  • Precision Machinery

    From the time we accept the cargo until we deliver it, we pay close attention to each package and handle it carefully. Upon request, we offer cargo protection by using masking tapes, sheets or other materials after loading them onto a ULD.

  • Artwork & Musical Instruments

    We provide detailed support starting from the preparation stage so that we can provide a handling service that is suitable for whatever characteristics of the cargo.

  • Automobiles

    We load vehicles safely, taking into account the specifications of various types of vehicles.

  • Dangerous Goods

    Our employees possess dangerous goods training certifications based on IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and reliably handle dangerous goods in accordance with these regulations from the time of acceptance to delivery.

  • Fresh Cargo

    We support transportation of fresh items for which freshness is required through quick operation in the dedicated working area, providing refrigerating and freezing facilities and power supply facilities to operate temperature-controlled containers.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We safely, reliably, and quickly handle pharmaceuticals that require strict quality control including temperature management, through close cooperation with customers, airlines, and the airports of departure and arrival.