Our goal is to reduce delivery costs and damage risks.

You can expect to reduce delivery lead times and delivery costs by choosing our company's airport warehouse as the shipper's designated warehouse.
In addition, the risk of damage to cargo can be lowered, and improved safety can be expected, since the number of times cargo is loaded and unloaded decreases by using these storehouse services.
Our services can be used in a wide range of products including fresh cargo, urgent shipment of parts and materials, chilled or frozen cargo, and cargo originating from outside Kanto region.

Reducing Delivery Costs
Conventional, Standard Flow of Air Cargo

Our services

  • Receiving export cargo before customs clearance
  • Explosives inspection
  • Check the volume and size of packages
  • Labeling
  • Collective packaging
  • Special storage such as storage in freezing/refrigerative facilities or storage of valuable goods in a valuable goods room
  • Refilling dry ice
  • Loading onto aviation ULD
  • Quarantine inspection in our company's warehouse for live animals

    We provide inspection spaces and our company's employees will be present during the inspection.


Storehouse Group

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