Reducing Distribution Costs
New Services That Expand Customers' Possibilities

We offer logistics services using bonded storage area at Narita Airport, where we provide a comprehensive services from sorting to delivery that are safe, speedy, and accurate, operated by our well-experienced staff and automated rack system.
As a result, these new services expand our customers' possibilities, such as reducing delivery lead time and logistics costs.

Import Distribution Processing Service Concept
Import Distribution Processing Service Concept

Our services

  • Sorting services

    Sorting work for arrived cargo, such as sorting by store location or by delivery area, attaching delivery slips, and sorting into designated racks

  • Value-added services

    Services such as picking up packages from storage facilities, re-packing, and relocation of packages to different pallets

  • Tailor-made services for specific products

    Most appropriate service tailored to meet customers' requests and characteristics of cargo


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Value-added services